Ice-T Defends Wife Coco Austin Against Internet Haters and Trolls

Ice-T is coming back at them. The star of Law & Order: SVU isn’t going to let haters and reviewers trash his wife, Coco Austin, on the internet.

Austin, 44, shared some racy photos of herself on Instagram on Tuesday to celebrate the 4th of July. She was wearing black bikini bottoms and a red cut-off top that barely covered her chest.

“Happy Fourth of July!” I am having a party in Arizona. Yes, it gets HOT outside,” Austin wrote in the captions for the pictures of her waving two small American flags.

Critics and trolls didn’t take long to jump into the comments section and attack Austin for everything from her outfit to her body to the idea that she is bad for her 7-year-old daughter Chanel, spewing sexism and general hate in an otherwise harmless bikini post.


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Ice-T quickly went to the comments to slam the negative comments and ask an important question about himself.

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“If you’re having trouble with Coco… “Why are you still following her?” he asked. “Weirdo crap…”

Quickly, it seemed like the tide turned, and many of Ice-T’s fans cheered for him because he stood up for his wife.

One person wrote with a clapping emoji, “It’s her husband who is making everyone laugh in these comments.” Another user said, “If her husband doesn’t mind, why should anyone else? She has a beautiful body, and she wants to show it. If you don’t like it, it’s not that hard to stop following her. She’s also a beautiful woman.”

“Leave his wife alone, all that matters is that he loves her.” Someone else wrote.

Erika Rose, a photographer and influential person, said, “People need to learn not to talk about women and their bodies.” She is beautiful. She has a child and is married. That should never stop her from loving the skin she’s in and feeling strong and hot!”

This is not the first time that people on the internet have said mean things about Ice-T and his wife. In December, Austin’s parents got some negative feedback about another post, so the star replied with a message of his own.

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“Everyone is going to hate you anyway… so you might as well give them a reason,” the post said.

In the comments, the rapper, who is 65 years old, gave his own advice: “Christmas is over. If you want to win in 2023, I suggest you have THIS attitude.


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Over the years, other parents have often said bad things about the pair. Coco talked about the hate she’s gotten on an episode of the Tamron Hall Show last month. She also talked about how it makes her feel to be “under a microscope all the time.”

After Hall showed a video of Austin’s husband Ice-T calling her the “best mother” to Chanel, Coco started to cry and said that she doesn’t “hear that much” from the public and instead “hear a lot of the bad.”

“I’m always being watched, and you don’t hear what good I do,” she said to Hall. “You don’t hear the good things; all you hear is bad things. I’m sure I’m a good mom.”

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“I’ve put my career, my life, and everything else on hold for the last six years just for her,” Coco said. “And all you want is a little love and respect from people,” she said.

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